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Collaborative Storytelling

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Collaborative Films - Help? Hype? Hubris?


Angel room - 11:30am


Prom Queen (vuguru)






  • Create an online series of 80 (90 second) episodes and distribute via social networks
  • High school drama
  • 80 x 90 second episodes, forums, Myspace character pages
  • Launched on Myspace then on other social networks
  • 1 investor - Tornante + sponsorship deals
  • Pros - feature length story, well funded, Myspace integration
  • Cons - DRM only downloads
  • Status - Season One released, Emmy Awards
  • Next steps - Season Two...



A Swarm of Angels (ASOA)





  • "create a £1 million film ($1.95M) and give it away to over 1 million people using the Internet and a global community of members."
  • Story genre undecided
  • 1100 investors to-date (paying £24 each)
  • Status - Online conversations. Teaser and promotional material. User-generated content initiatives.
  • Next steps: Web promotion, script development
  • Pros - Online forums, marketing, Crowdsourced film concept
  • Cons - Expensive community management, "Too many cooks" criticisms



Sanctuary (MOD Films)


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http://www.flickr.com/photos/michela/sets/72157600324224237/show/ (not public)


  • "A film you can fuck with" - develop a new story universe like a MMORP starting with malleable high end content.
  • Virtual reality
  • 11 minute film, virtual studio platform hosting all production material under version control (approx 1TB)
  • 2 investors - part funded by NESTA Invention award and Australian Film Commission
  • 100 contributors
  • Pros - Expensive production values, Creative Commons clearances, small team
  • Cons - Expensive production values, long timescale (project commenced 2004)
  • Status - VFX post production, virtual studio closed alpha
  • Next steps - film release, virtual studio release


Studio systems







  • a.k.a. Hollywood - vuguru owned by Michael Eisner (ex Disney CEO)
  • online storytelling = advertising and marketing
  • IP is All Rights Reserved
  • DRM - e.g. Prom Queen downloads required Amazon Unbox DRM - [[http://www.boingboing.net/2006/09/15/amazon_unbox_to_cust.html]Boingboing review]
  • Pros - Advertiser funding model emerging
  • Cons - same old same old




MOD Films


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  • independent experimental business model
  • online storytelling = opportunity to explore new forms and empower audiences
  • Aim to make IP more accessible and help stories to stay alive longer. Sanctuary (CC licensed) is case study in open film content
  • DRM is defective by design. Horses for Courses (using b3d engine) is case study in film vendor lock-in
  • Pros - grassroots support for open film content (like ASOA) , synergies with open source movement,
  • Cons - early days, no advertising = little revenue

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