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Edinburgh TV Unfestival 2007


Collision of TV, Internet, Mobile, Media - New, Old, Future

What is it?


Edinburgh TV Un-Festival 2007: This year the MGEITF (Media Guardian International TV Festival) has spawned its own fringe event, the TV Un-Festival. This day-long event which takes place on Saturday 25 August will centre around the clash of the well established TV world and the constantly accelerating Internet world using the unusual un-conference format, where the cost of entry is participation.


The highlights from the TV Un-Festival will be presented at this special event, giving everyone a chance to speculate on the future of TV, online entertainment and cross platform narratives.


This year the TV Un-Festivial hosted by Backstage.bbc.co.uk and guided along by the fabulous Suw Charman, aims to explorer the clash with in a series of free formed sessions similar to BarCamp known as unconference style. Everyone will be able to participate by using one of the free 30 minute slots which will be available.


We're getting together a real solid line up of people including people from Joost, Microsoft, BT, BBC, Google, etc. But we're also inviting some of the people from the darker areas of online TV like the guys behind some of the cleverest p2p sites online today. We're also inviting you - the passionate geek, media/net/culture professional.


The collision of technologies means a collision of cultures - expect to meet those like you, and nothing like you. Media for sit back, lean forward or run around ? This is the place to discuss ideas, share technologies, start larger debates, forge alliances and futures. 


There are many questions that arise from the collision of TV, Internet, Mobile, and the wide variety of media, new, old, future. This is the place to discuss these questions, explore what is happening today at the fringes, and to bring it together, celebrate differences and move forward in a headlong rush.


Be Prepared to Participate (Demo, Speak, Make,...)


The unfestival is an unconference which means YOU, the attendees are the heroes who push this forward. The more you put in, the more you get out. Be prepared to run a session, ask a thorny question, discuss your passion, show or question new technologies.


You might not have all the right answers, but you may have the right questions. You might think you have the answers, but do you have the technology? If you have the technology, is it ethical to use that technology? You may have a good technology, but sharing with others we may all gain something great. You might think something is misguided so this is where you can make a positive suggestion of how to move forward.





You! First, register your attendance on event wax.  Once you've done that, add yourself the list of UnfestAttendees.


Ian Forrester - BBC Backstage

Mike Butcher

Werner Ramaekers

Herman Caeyers

Ashok Argent-Katwala

Jose-Carlos Mariategui

Otu Ekanem

Sami Ali Adib

Alex de Jong

Adriaan Verstijnen

Brian Butterworth

John Sutherland

Matt Riggott

Fraser Nevett

Ian Clarke

Janie Mehew

Sam Halliday

Hannu Rajaniemi

Dan Winterstein

Sam Halliday

paul cleghorn

Jonathan Sanderson

George Cathro

julie Carver

dave crossland

Rosie Brown

paula le dieu

Ali Craigmile

Moss Barclay

Chris Jackson

Mirona Iliescu

Glyn Wintle

Fearghas McKay

Nicolas Flores

Gregor Gimmy

Otto Wüst

Diana Cuadros

Andy West

Omer Shaikh

Tim Cowlishaw

Abigail Dankwa

Clotilde Redfern

Susan Turnbull

Kerry Howard

Nico Macdonald

Wendy Robertson

Mark Antonello

Tamarin Botha

eddie tulasiewicz

david squire

gary beadle


Wade McElwain

Michael Oxley

Katherine Ryan

Michelle Kasprzak

Douglas Fraser

Matt Jones

Martin Deutsch

Miles Gould

Alexandra Illes

Mark Rock

Alastair Adair

Paul MacDonald

Alastair Adair

Matt Haynes

Gareth Smith

George Wright

JP Rangaswami

Jonathan Tweed

Angela Mathis

Cyrille Mathis

Jordan Hatcher

Sarah Rose Lapham

Andy Smith

Sam Machin

Michela Ledwidge

Monique Coorey

Gavin Starks

Anna Clayton

Dean Whitbread

Dana Dajani

Jacqueline Kollepen

Doug Wright

Eric Robinson

Roxana Pope

pete vilk

Alexander G. de Bikuna

nerea tobarra

Julie McIntosh

Gregor Gimmy

Diana Cuadros

philip jay

Anders Jedenfors

Systa Mogensen

Ben McNeill

Ian Smith

Hugh Hancock

Michael Colman

Douglas Dougan

Rebecca Day

Gareth Klose

Frances O'Neill

Susan Wright

Eddy Bett

oscar van Heek

OSCAR van Heek

steven braxton

Caroline Baird

Milk Miruku



What's the schedule?


It's created by you, the attendees, on the day. You'll bring your ideas and burning passions with you, as will others, and build the agenda on the day. It's done using a technique called open space technology. The short version though: Be prepared to run a session about something you're passionate about - what's on your mind.



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