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ideas for sessions

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 6 months ago

Session Suggestions

What do you want to talk about? What do you want to hear about? Post session ideas below. If you think the ideas that arise here really are worth having, propose them as sessions on the day! Be sure to include your name after your session idea.


  • Juggling. Juggling and its many uses. suggested by A Juggler.
  • Net Neutrality; both in relation to the current political situation in the US and the recent announcement by UK ISPs in relation to the BBC's iPlayer) -milk
  • DRM; necessary evil to ensure the co-operation of content rights holders or the unfortunate outcome of failed business practices that is essentially defective by design? -milk
  • New Spin on the Music Business - Workable idea or flight of fancy? -milk
  • Collaborative Storytelling - Help? Hype? Hubris? (Angel room, 11:30) - How collaborative is "collaborative film-making"? How open are these shows? Who is making them and what do audiences get in return? Looking at Sanctuary, A Swarm Of Angels and Prom Queen . Comparing the MOD Films and Vuguru studio systems in relation to open content -- Michela Ledwidge
  • A brief overview aargh, if I get time to prepare which is looking tough of how TV companies are using (and sometimes abusing) virtual worlds, suggested by Mike Butcher, of tbites.com and the Virtual Worlds Forum
  • Crowd-sourcing metadata: Could the community make it easier to access TV online by collaboratively compiling an open and machine-readable web of links? - Chris Jackson (UPDATE: slides are here)
  • Making systems using Kamaelia (a toolkit for slamming disparate systems together by making them simply components)- by delving inside some Kamaelia systems - Kamaelia Macro - a tool for transcoding entire DVB channels for timeshifting purposes (example front end ); how to build a simple P2P swarming radio system using Kamaelia; can also look inside something completely different - say 3D systems or the networked whiteboarding app ? (or AIM or IRC integration? Or how to use kamaelia in non-kamaelia systems? ...) -- Michael Sparks
  • Scifi As Reality - A technique for brainstorming new research areas in the context of TV. I've done this session at 2 foo camps now, and wondering if this is overkill. It's fun though and is probably applicable to other domains -- Michael Sparks
  • Science Un-Fiction - three short vignettes about possible futures for cross-media entertainment and pervasive gaming, with cows, ghosts and pirates. A spoken word performance, with discussion. (Possibly similar to Michael's brainstorming technique?) -- Hannu Rajaniemi
  • "Children's TV is Alive and Well and Living in Web 2.0" - ugh, sorry, a 'point-oh' reference, but my other snappy title was 'Johnny Ball Must Die!', which sounds plain nasty. I'd like to talk about SciCast, which is trying to resurrect factual kids' TV. Would someone from Bebo like to talk about Kate Modern? Anyone else doing similar stuff? -- Jonathan Sanderson
    • ideas that came up for possible  funding sources: BUFVC, UKERNA, JISC.
  • "Is there a future for public (regional) broadcasters ?" - Do we need government funded or sponsored broadcasters like BBC, VRT, SVT in a world where the internet makes it possible for anyone to create high quality video and distribute it to a worldwide audience ? I gave a presentation on the challenges that broadcasters face at the IEEE Benelux chater earlier this year and would like to elaborate on this topic if people are interested. - Werner Ramaekers



Comments (1)

Michela Ledwidge said

at 3:00 pm on Aug 20, 2007

milk, I guess I'm the 'remixable films speaker' but can't see any reference to this anywhere else so not sure if I've been put forward for anything specific. I edited your line to Collaborative Storytelling, because that would cover the Swarm , Sanctuary and anything else in the ballpark that peeps were intereste in. .M.

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